Krampus is Home

Game description:

Who is Krampus? You will find very soon. However, you won’t be very pleased by what you are going to learn. The events of the game take place during Christmas eve. Krampus is anti-Santa, a creature of folklore, who comes only to those children who were behaving badly. As you know, original folklore and fairytales are pretty cruel and have nothing in common with the adapted versions we usually know. While in the modern version we may meet Krampus, who is going to play some nasty trick with a bad boy like you, in original story he is simply going to kill you. This is how the plot of Krampus is Home arranged.

You are going to stand against myriads of monsters, that appeared in your home. All of them are very smart and become even smarter in the process of the game, because these are not silly bots with limited actions. Instead, they are based on AI. Sounds creepy, right? Your struggle against evil will feel so real when you launch Krampus is Home. Can you handle it? Hope, you can! Get into the game and have a really nice fright this evening! We have uploaded a free version of Krampus, so you can enjoy it right now!