Baldi’s Basics New Teacher

Game description:

We know that you have missed your math teacher! Baldi is the one who will never teach you math for real, but there is one thing you will learn for sure – how to survive in the most extreme conditions! Are you ready to meet a new character that will join the universe of Baldi’s Basics? This is a new teacher and he is here to make your knees shiver from fear! This guy is pretty similar to his friend Baldi – he is also obsessed with math and ready to kill students who fail to solve the tasks and algebraic problems. However, just like his buddy, he doesn’t really care if this or that task is possible to cope with! It seems like the only thing he really likes is violence, not the formulas and numbers at all! You are pretty unlucky to get stuck with this guy in a school that is locked for a couple of days until you find all the objects, solve all the puzzles, and find your way out. Just try not to die in the process!
If you thought that Baldi looks like a truly creepy guy with all of his strange hairstyle, red eyes, and blocky body, well, we cannot say that you were wrong, but… when you will see your new math teacher, we guarantee that your blood will become cold in a second. His outlook is much more nightmarish, while his habits are even tougher than those Baldi has. He is faster, more attentive, and ready to punish you to death from one hit. When walking around the school and looking for the puzzle solutions, try not to stumble at him and which is no less important – keep silence. This guy is pretty sensitive to every sound he hears and be ready to face him right after you drop something on the floor or make the floor squeeze accidentally. Enjoy the creepy atmosphere, creepy chases and truly unhealthy artwork of the new game!