Baldi’s Basics Classic

Game description:

Welcome to Baldi’s school, a place where students meet up, solve tasks, have fun, and learn something new every single day! Well, there is one thing that is true in this statement – students in this school do learn something each day, but this is… a necessity to survive when your schizophrenic teacher tries to kill you. The game has a style of the educational entertaining apps for kids that were developed in 90s. However, the game creators made the strange and wacky graphics of these ancient programs look even more freaky. The blood chilling atmosphere is easily reached by strange and ridiculous graphics as well as suspense – you are in trouble all the time and the pressure is extreme. Be sure that every moment might be the last one for you! Get away from Baldi – he will never miss his chance to hit you with a ruler and frighten you to grey hair.
The main task of the game is to get through the dangers and difficulties that are waiting you in the corridors of Baldi’s school. Literally, you will meet them on every step you make, which makes the game extremely thrilling and horrible. In the classic version of Baldi’s Basics, you will meet not only the main enemy, the math teacher, but also his buddie. These are the local school bullies, cleaners, and strange characters, including witches and students that have already been tortured by Baldi. You will have to run away from them as well, which makes the game more diverse and complicated at the same time. We hope that you will stand it!