Baldi’s Basics 2

Game title: Baldi’s Basics 2
Game description:

There are probably very few people who genuinely liked school as kids. Most of us remember all those tedious lessons, mind-boggling tasks and evil teachers with true horror. If this is also your case, you’ll definitely enjoy running away from the stuffy classroom pursued by psychopathic Baldi who wants to make you suffer for the mistakes you made solving math equations on the blackboard. He carries a pretty heavy ruler, so you’d better run as fast as you can! Baldi won’t leave you alone, he will chase you all over the campus and everyone else will be helping him. School bullies will stand in your way preventing you from taking a quick path to freedom. Nice-looking girls will invite you to jump rope with one single intent – slowing you down so that Baldi can grope you by the sleeve. Say nothing of the principal roaming the halls looking to catch idle students and bring them into detention. You have to look out for all those threats if you hope to make it out of school before the bell rings. But that’s not everything you need to do. You also have to fill out seven notebooks located in different parts of the campus. That means you’ll require not only good reflexes, but also logic and knowledge of math!