Baldis Basics Mods

Game description:

There are teachers who are just not meant for this job. Yet they somehow work at school and keep terrorizing students for many years. Baldi’s Basics confronts you with one of them. This tall skinny dude will be your worst nightmare for the whole long, tiring day you are going to spend on the campus looking for the seven notebooks you need to fill out and solving tricky equations from your school past. If you make even a single mistake, Baldi will flip out and start chasing you down the school halls with a heavy ruler in his hand. Trust your feet and run! But don’t think it’s going to be that easy. Baldi has plenty of helpers. If you try to dive into a narrow passage, there will definitely be a bully standing there. Don’t worry, though, you can bribe him with a candy. And don’t fall for invitations to jump rope from little girls – they are also on Baldi’s service! But of course the worst-case scenario is getting into the school principal’s hand – this character will send you into detention and that will slow you down tremendously giving Baldi more chances to find where you are and strike you down. Check your reflexes and math knowledge in this thrilling mix of runner and puzzle in a hilarious school wrapping!