Backrooms Michael Jackson

Game description:

Have you already tried to run away from a nextbot in a terrible maze of Backrooms? Then you know this dreadful feeling of despair when you rush through a gloomy maze with no exit and a true monster is running behind you. This time, you will be pursued by a meme of Michael Jackson! The opponent will try to reach you no matter how fast you can run. The labyrinth network makes it really impossible to predict from which direction the adversary will appear. It’s only your agility that can guide you through these abandoned corridors! If you rely on your skills, let’s get started!

Run without a stop!

The only method to escape the death is to be smarter and faster that your enemy. Note that the evil nextbot can appear from around any corner to attack you. You must instantly react to these twists, otherwise, you are doomed. Learn to maneuver to be able to escape in any situation. Try to master different tricks that can confuse and mislead the nextbot. You will have to experiment a lot until you find the right strategy. This game will bring you a good portion of fresh emotions and fill you with adrenaline. Are you ready to try? Do not worry if you fail – just make another attempt and it will surely work.