The Backrooms 1998

Game description:

The game tells the story of a teenager that suddenly fell through the edge of reality and found himself in a strange place. It is a labyrinth of endless corridors with nothing but yellow walls and many doors. Some of them lead to other corridors, others are closed, and the other hide monsters. But among them is the door that will bring him back to his world, so the teenager sets out to find it.

The corridors change themselves from time to time. The character has a sanity level and if it is low the corridors will become dark and scary. There are also some monsters that can hunt him. If the player hears the noises, it means that it is time to hide somewhere. If the player uses the microphone, the monsters can hear his breathing or screaming so it is important to be really quiet.

The player can find various useful stuff that can help him to find the way out. For instance, if one finds the spray paint it can be used to leave the marks on the walls so the player will understand if he was in this corridor before. The player also needs to look under his feet at all times. If he steps on something fragile, such as glass, it will crack and make a sound – thus enemies will find him.