Game description:

Are you a fan of horror games and The Backrooms is one of your favorite projects? Then you should not miss a new exciting entertainment that will make your blood freeze! It is Apeirophobia that was recently launched on the Roblox platform. So what is it about? You will find yourself in an endless maze. Every time, you will have to find an exit from a concession of randomly generated rooms and corridors. The task is being worsened by the fact that you are not alone – a lot of monsters and other creepypasta characters will be hunting you here! You will be quite vulnerable as you will not have any weapon. All your gear is a flashlight and a camera. The title of the game is not accidental – all locations seem endless in this adventure, and sometimes, it seems you will need eternity to complete the task. If you consider yourself to have enough gut for this challenge, accept it now!