The Backrooms

Game description:

What about some creepy psychological adventure? Everyone that believes he is brave enough is invited to an endless maze of empty and horrifying premises in The Backrooms. There is no stunning graphic or intense gameplay. Everything is simple here – you only need to find a way out. But it only sounds so easy, as soon as you join the game, you will immediately feel the difficulty of the challenge you have carelessly accepted. But wait before you give up. If you were in the place of the main hero, would you like to be imprisoned here forever? Definitely not! So let’s see what can be done and try to find some kind of solution. First of all, look around. You need to explore everything here to find some hints that you can use to move further. All the rooms look alike but if you are attentive enough, you will discover various items here and there. Even if they seem useless now, you may need them very soon. The player is moving in some surreal environment designed in yellow color, and sometimes he may have doubts about his sanity.

But this is the key idea of developers to make you think so. The more you progress in the game, the more bizarre things will appear on your way, and you will even start to experience some hallucinations. It is vital not to give up whenever you think you are at the dead end. Make one more effort, look what is behind the next door. You do not want to get stuck here forever, right? You will also have to solve lots of various puzzles to get tips. What are these silent walls hiding? It seems someone was already trying to explore this place – there are some wraps of paper with handwritten notes. Read them carefully to get as much information as you can. There are many levels in the game, and every time you will feel more helpless and have less hope to succeed. Only the most headstrong players achieve the target and find an exit? What will happen to others? Start this adventure to learn it yourself. Note that several endings are possible, and your outcome depends entirely on your actions and skills. Good luck in this creepy challenge!