The Backrooms (Found Footage)

Game description:

Not all horror games are necessarily associated with jumpscares and screamers. Don’t you agree? Then welcome to The Background to go through an entirely new experience. At first, you may feel disappointed as the environment does not seem thrilling or scary at all. But wait for a little! You will find yourself in a strange labyrinth of an endless concession of rooms and corridors. And they all look the same – with yellowish wallpapers and dim bulb lighting. Your only task is to find an exit from this weird place. It seems quite simple at first glance. But the more you move inside this strange maze, the more doubts you have. It looks like you are moving in a vicious circle. Does this front door exist at all? The place is absolutely empty, but you have an incomprehensible feeling that someone is watching you or hiding behind a corner. Is that real or just a wicked game of your imagination? Step by step, you start to lose your sanity. And this is when you feel real horror crawling inside you. How do you escape from here? This psychological puzzle may turn into real nightmare if you do not act wisely. As you go from one room to another, you will come across different things. Do not ignore these as you can find lots of hits. Make sure you collect pieces of paper with strange notes – these may combine into a helpful massage in the end. Switch on your logic and use all your knowledge to complete this nerve-wracking quest and find the door! The outcome of this adventure will fully depend on your actions and decisions! Will you find it at all? Start playing now to find it out!