Wobbly Life

Game description:

The beautiful universe of Wobbly Life opens up for you! Welcome to the game, where you will enjoy numerous activities, cute characters, and diverse tasks to accomplish. Thisoneisasand-box entertainment based on physics and cooperation. This means that you can play it with your friends and enjoy the tasks and adventures together.

There are numerous locations you can visit – alone or with your comrades – and find diverse puzzles and tasks there. You will get through numerous challenges, pass different mini-quests, and gain some cash for your further entertainment. The game allows you to get a job and then get a salary! Using the in-game money, all players can buy something really cool for customization. This includes new clothes, accessories, houses, cars, and more. Each of your ownings can be improved and developed!

The best thing about the game is a wide range and impressive diversity of amazing little games to enjoy. You will literally find one on every step you make, wherever you go. With these games, you won’t get bored even for a second – they all welcome you to have fun in the super-engaging open world. When players complete tasks and solve riddles, the game rewards you with bonus scores. They can be used to buy everything want! The better you perform in games and missions, the more amazing items, clothes, and even realty you can unblock and therefore – own! The dynamic world around you is rapidly changing, so make sure to keep pace!