Deltarune Chapter 2

Game description:

Deltarune Chapter 2 continues the story of Undertale. The action takes place in an alternative universe, in no way, except for the characters and the place of action not connected with the original game. Let’s begin!

You are the chosen one!

At the start, Toriel wakes you up and takes you to school. You are late for lessons and Alphys, who works here as a teacher, sends you along with a classmate Susie for chalk to the pantry. Susie turns out to be that still angry and almost, literally, bites your face off, but at the last moment she stops and lets go.

Together you go to the closet, on the way clicking on all the interactive objects that come in, which are just the sea in Deltarune. And when you finally enter it, it turns out that something is wrong with this place. Firstly, it is terribly dark here, and secondly, this pantry is endless. You and Susie realize that something is wrong here and are already going to run out of this damned storage room… but the door closes and you find yourself in another world. To the Kingdom of Darkness…

It turns out that you and Susie are the chosen heroes, predicted by another ancient prophecy, and whether you like it or not, you, together with Ralsey, the prince of the Kingdom of Darkness, and at the same time a practicing wizard, and Susie must save this next underworld. This is how your adventures begin, filled with mercy, kind and not particularly bad-tempered people.

Rescue the world from darkness!

The story in Deltarune is not the most important thing. The main thing is the secrets hiding behind it, and there will be ten of them for ten theories, as well as minor and not so characters with their characters and mini-plots. Actually, all the same things that became famous and the plot of Undertale.

There are a lot of secondary heroes in Deltarune. Moreover, you will not even find many of them without a painstaking study of all locations. Toby Fox is just manic about these little things, despite the fact that most players will not even notice them. And his works do not go in vain, thanks to them the Deltarune world feels alive and full.

You understand that you can always approach some hero and learn something new about the lore of the game, laugh at some joke or even talk. Sometimes you even come across incredibly elaborated, as for secondary, scenes, from which you almost cry. Plunge into the amazing atmosphere of this wonderful game, play Deltarune Chapter 2 online and enjoy every minute of it!