Game description:

Unfortunately, the game Deltarune currently exists as just a small demo-version that takes no more than a couple of hours to be completed. The game developer, Fox, says that even making a small piece of the game has taken a ton of time. He complains that he spent a whole year creating a short version of Deltarune and he finds it really difficult to continue his work without a team of same-thinkers. At the same time, gathering and managing a team of designers and developers seems to be a really uneasy task and Fox says that he has no idea how to do it. It means that we should have patience and wait for a pretty long while until the game sees the world in its fullest. The first title made by the same developer is known as Undertale and it is one of the most popular indie-titles ever existed. The second part has unclear relationships with the first one since it cannot be called neither a sequel, nor a prequel. Is it some kind of a spin-off or just an alternative game that reminds us of the unique author’s style? It seems to feature the same world as the previous one, however, it still has dozens of differences.
When you download and install the game, you will have an absolutely amusing experience from the very first minutes of the game. There are numerous unexpected twists, scenes, and battles wait for you in Deltarune. The place of the story still remains unclear. It is hard to say whether it is a first or a second part of the series, but it is better to play it after you are already familiar with Unertale. At the same time, even the demo version of the game provides an amazing playing experience and promises hours of unforgettable adventures. So maybe it doesn’t matter what this game exactly is until you enjoy it. The lovely graphics, mysterious plot, great characters, and awesome battle-scenes won’t leave you indifferent for sure.