Undertale Purgatory

Game description:

Undertale Purgatory, while not an officially recognized term within the Undertale community or by its creator, Toby Fox, seems to suggest a unique concept or interpretation of the game’s universe. Undertale, known for its deep storytelling, unique characters, and player-driven morality system, offers a rich foundation for exploring themes of afterlife, redemption, and liminality—spaces between worlds, or in this case, between life and whatever comes after. This exploration will imagine a narrative extension of Undertale, interpreting “Purgatory” as a metaphorical or literal space within its universe.

Undertale Purgatory posits a realm within the Undertale universe that exists between the Surface and the Underground, not just physically but spiritually. This realm serves as a space for characters who have unresolved issues, seeking redemption, or are caught in a loop of their actions, unable to move on due to the choices made by the player or themselves. It’s a place of reflection, redemption, and perhaps, a second chance.