9 Childs Street

Game description:

You never know what secrets can be buried in places in the neighborhood. In this game, you will live through a scary story that happened to one boy. A nine-year-old Armin was bored one day, so he was watching the houses across the street until one of them attracted his attention. Something was going on there, even if it was just an abandoned house that belonged to the toy creator. Can someone have got inside? The boy has got intrigued and decided to go there to check everything. The place looks spooky but the curiosity wins and he gets inside! Unfortunately, the boy has no idea what a nightmare awaits him here!

Help Armin get out of here!

The very moment the boy stepped inside he has a strange feeling that someone is watching him. And his suspicion is not groundless, as the place will turn out not to be abandoned at all. Somebody definitely lives here, and it seems these are some paranormal entities. Will you help the protagonist to get out of here? The level of fear will grow when you understand that these invisible enemies are hunting after you. Now you need to switch on your flashlight and unveil all the secrets of this gloomy house. The sinister atmosphere will scare you to death at certain moments, but do not give up. You must dig out the terrible truth about the former house owner. Find out what frightening secrets he buried here. You will be shocked to learn it all! Be very careful not to be attacked and killed during the walkthrough!