One Night at Flumpty’s 4

Game description:

Do you like horrors? Do you miss extreme in your life? Then One Night at Flumpty’s 4 is what you need. Bloody and creepy monsters will not let you get bored. After all, you have to stay with them all night and meet face to face with all of them. In addition, you will need to guess difficult tasks in order to survive.One Night at Flumpty’s is one of the many fan-made parodies of the original Five Nights At Freddy’s, which has gained immense interest from the original fandom players and can truly be called one of the best parodies.

The plot of the game is straightforward, very simple, and not stressful for the player. The main antagonist of the game the monster Flumpty looks like an egg with big terrifying eyes. This bloodthirsty demon finds another victim, which will be forced to defend against him and his friends, who are also bloodthirsty. If they can catch our hero by surprise, he will die and will be eye food for Flumpty and his friends, but if he can outwit them, then our oval villain will become a friend of the hero!

Since the game bears the words: “One Night”, it is easy to guess that in the game we have to meet face to face with a group of friends only one night (After passing the first one, the second, more difficult one, will open). The mechanics of the game do not differ much from the first part of FNAF. There are still two doors in the office that can be closed and illuminated, and we have a tablet in our hands, with which we can check the cameras and track the movements of the game’s antagonists. Summon up all your courage and start playing this fascinating game just now!