Game description:

Are you ready to test your knowledge in this cool online game? Then let’s get started. You will find yourself in the class of Ms Lemons, a fruit-looking teacher that is going to ask you a few questions. Nothing seems difficult or tricky, doesn’t it? So, at first, you will be given mathematical tasks with three possible answers. Process the figures in your mind quickly and select the correct one. If you cope with everything just fine – you will not irritate your teacher and earn some points that you can spend in the in-game shop and buy various items like a hammer or headache pills. You may wonder why you would need them, but wait a little more to get a response!

Tasks become harder!

After the initial simple levels, your tasks will become really challenging. You will have to deal with geometry problems and test your memory. As you start making mistake after mistake, the level of Ms. Lemons’ irritation grows up! And when it reaches a certain mark, the teacher transforms into a real monster! Now your life is in danger! You will be given three rounds to win if you want to survive. This time, these are in the style of a kids’ game – scissors, rock or paper! And do not ask what will happen if you lose to this terrible-looking Ms. Lemons. Are you ready to see it yourself?