Talking Tom Hero Dash

Game description:

No way, your friends are in a big trouble! Some nasty raccoons, your biggest enemies, have done them harm and locked them all alone in a trap! Now they cannot go out and continue doing their superhero and cat stuff. This is something you cannot allow, because you are Tom, the bravest kitten in the world and the one, who values justice. So step on the road and start your rescuing mission. Get ready that the raccoons will try to stop you, because this is what they always do – preventing heroes from doing their noble job. However, you are strong, smart and fast enough to get through that! Where is your superhero suit? The time has come to put it on and start running fast! By the way, your successful mission completions will bring you even more adorable and cool outfits, so do your bets and unlock them all! Your friends cannot wait for you to meet them again.