Talking Ben Vs Huggy Wuggy In The Poppy Playtime

Game description:

Have you heard about the famous toy producer Playtime? It used to be very popular years ago until a strange event happened there one day. So what stopped it? The thing is, on that ill-fated day, all people have disappeared in a moment during their working routine. As though they have never existed! Since that time, the factory has closed forever. But one curious man who did not believe in mysterious powers decided to visit that place again and look for some evidence. Though, he was not ready for the scenario that would start unfolding the minute he stepped inside the factory building. He discovers that lots of monsters surrounded him. Who are these creatures? He realizes that these are plush toys that came to life. They are not in the mood to play with you! On the contrary, they are evil and ready to kill the uninvited guest! The main antagonist is Huggy Wuggy! He was the mascot of the factory – a huge shaggy monster, blue all over! Just look at his treacherous grin – you will be horrified by several rows of sharp teeth. The beast is not smiling, it is just a cunning trick to lure you into his deadly hugs. So it is better to stay away from him. Luckily, in this new Poppy Playtime mod, you will not be alone – cute Talking Ben will be on your side. You know this dog is fearless, and no monster will be ever able to scare him! So explore each room, find important hints that might help you shed light on the weird events of the past. Try to gather as many details as possible to understand the whole story and dig out the truth. Do not be afraid of terrible Huggy Wuggy as together with Talking Ben you will definitely trick this enemy around! Do your best to complete your mission and save long-lost people, no matter what challenges may await you on this way. Prove you can cope with this task!