Game description:

We live in the world where everything has a rational explanation and science has long made this life simple and clear. Nobody really believes in demons and witches anymore. But only until you actually encounter something like that. Then you will have to face all these mysterious and dangerous stuff on your own not knowing what to do and how to save yourself. Unless of course you know a couple of ghost hunters you can call to your house for help! That’s exactly what you are about to do in this riveting horror game called Phasmophobia. Prepare to get the hang of a new profession that involves gathering evidence of the existence of paranormal creatures and clearing houses and other locations from their nagging presence!

Haunted houses, evil ghosts and exciting missions!

Something of the sort is hard to pull off on your own. You’re going to need some backup and you’ll have it. Aside from you, there will be a bunch of other guys in your team, all controlled by real players. That means you can play Phasmophobia with your friends online! Since it’s a cross-platform game, it doesn’t really matter whether your playmates have an Android phone or sitting on their PC. Using different platforms won’t prevent you from enjoying a fascinating and blood-chilling experience of dealing with various kinds of ghosts and angry spirits!

To perform your job well, you need to explore the area where you are sent on another mission and find as much proof as you can that there are paranormal powers at play here. For that, you will have a great arsenal of equipment and devices that might remind you of popular movies like Ghost Busters. Track the movements of the ghosts, use special video recorders to catch them on tape and even communicate with them using a spirit board! Perhaps they have a message they want people to receive and then they can rest in peace. But not all of the spirits will be that cooperative. Some will refuse to leave the owners of the place alone and you’ll have to take care of this!

Get your creeps and try to survive!

Can you actually kill a ghost in this game? Hardly, but you can protect yourself and your teammates from any kind of damage it can inflict. With the right manipulations, you can also ban the nasty spirit out of the human realm and the problem will be solved. The atmosphere is really frightening and suspenseful, the visuals are on the high level and you are guaranteed to get scared quite a lot of times during the passage! Play Phasmophobia online and enjoy the thrill!