Granny 2 Online

Game description:

Find yourself in a house of crazy Granny again! But this time, you will have to deal with her and her husband – Grandpa! Granny has sensitive ears and Grandpa hits too heavily. Choose the antagonist or try fighting against two of them – there are no limits for horror when you play this game! The second chapter will place you into the house, but this time, this is a new place – the rooms are located differently than they were before and there are new puzzles you will have to solve. Be ready that most of them are pretty complicated, but there is no other way to leave this house – you need to solve them all one by one and find your way to freedom. Pay special attention to every small detail – you can never predict which one is important! Be attentive and you will understand how to solve the tasks. However, as you remember from the first chapter of the game, try not to make sounds – the old guys will hear you and appear in front of you in a second. Their appearance means your death and game over in 99 cases of 100.