Mr Meat

Game description:

Another escape horror game is presented on our website and you are welcome to try it out. It is Mr. Meat, a s story about a former butcher, who is now a maniac and crazy killer. You find out that this guy has an evil plan to fulfill – he has kidnapped a girl and now prepares for a bloody massacre. You are to save her! Enter the house and find a girl, then take her away from this place. However, everything is not that simple – Mr. Meat is watching you. He hears your steps and follows you across the house. You can fool him by making fake noises, so he will run there and you will have a chance to move forward. Be smart and very careful – the life of a poor little girl depends on you! There are only five hours to do that, so you have to be quick. You cannot allow any mistakes and uncertainties. Each minute is valuable, so be sure to have a plan and don’t do any unnecessary things.

The unique elements of this game is a number of interesting and pretty diverse puzzles. You will find them here and there and each time the puzzles will prevent you from reaching some crucial point of the game. You will have to solve all of them correctly to move on. The sense of fear and thrill will be mixed up with a necessity to stay organized and well-though. Be sure to find the girl before it’s too late and avoid getting captured by a butcher.