Choo Choo Charles

Game description:

Are you tired of the repeating horror plots and stories with similar monsters and challenges? Then you should definitely try Choo Choo Charles, a cool game in this genre that will take you on a breathtaking adventure? What is it all about? You start on an island – you are travelling across it is a train. But your trip will be abruptly interrupted by another train that looks like a real monster!

Do not let Charles catch you!

Your antagonist is a train with a spider’s appearance. The moment he notices you, he will immediately start insane hunting. This beast loves eating people. And he will surely swallow you without hesitation if you allow him catch you. How to escape? Try to speed up your train to be much faster than your follower. As you move alone, collect enough scrap to exchange it for weapons. Besides, you will have a lot of quests to complete to earn even more points. You will soon discover that you are not alone here – the evil island owner in on the side of Charles and has blocked many people here. You will have to release them as well. Actually, you will receive all the tasks from these characters.

Complete all missions!

The more challenges you successfully complete, the mire chances you get to destroy the evil opponent. Some of the missions will demand you to go off the train and explore some dangerous areas of the island. Bear in mind that you cannot spend too much time on the ground as you become especially vulnerable in this state. If Charles manages to spot you like this, the game will be over for you! You will also need to leave your train when you switch tracks. So whenever you hear a special whistle, get back to your safe place! Still, completed trials and collected scrap will help you keep evil enemy at bay, so make sure to go through as many of them as possible. Good luck!