Mr Meat 1.6.1

Game description:

The escape title called Mr. Meat is as creepy as the name it has. You will become a witness of a thrilling and truly horrifying story. A young lady was kidnapped by a maniac and now he keeps her inside of his house. The maniac is a butcher and he looks accordingly – large, muscular, and insane man. He has strange scares on his face and considering the fact that the butcher is insane, it is hard to guess where did he get those wounds. Maybe, he did this himself? Who knows. But you don’t really want to find out anything about the biography of this person, because all you need is to stay alive after you meet him. To do so, there is only a one way – running away from his house as soon as you can. You have five hours to save the girl.

You will enter a creepy house of the maniac, full of puzzles and traps. He is also present there and you’d better avoid seeing him face to face. When you make moves and noises, the butcher can hear you, so be careful. On the contrary, you can use this fact to distract him and make your way to the girl easier. The game will offer a range of different tasks and you will have to complete them successfully to help the lady. Both graphics and sound are very atmospheric, so you will like the game for sure. If you are a real horror fan, you cannot miss Mr. Meat!