Fallout 76

Game title: Fallout 76
Game description:

Most fans of the Fallout series were both excited and suspicious about the launch of a multiplayer version of their favorite game. The first reactions were various while some of them couldn’t wait anymore to join the team of comrades and do their best to survive, the others were grumping that they don’t want any other people in their story. What is more, will this new multiplayer version be as great as their most favorite game with all that amazing open world opportunities? How can the open world environment be adapted to a multiplayer mode without limitations and restrictions? Well, in the result, all worries were absolutely unnecessary since the game developers knew what kind of approach they should take. Fallout 76 features all the amazing elements of the previous games, as well as the high-quality open world and a set of other amazing things like kitchen station, water pumps and more. The quantity of available weapons and armors is amazing, too. So the veterans and true Fallout fans will surely love playing it. Join the server and get acquainted with a large community of fans. There are various missions for you to discover. Some of them require solidarity with other members and you won’t survive the disaster unless you learn how to cooperate with other. However, there are also competitive levels, where you have to struggle against other players. Have fun!