Game description:

Imagine a situation: you went out for a walk to breathe fresh air in a picturesque park. The sun is shining, butterflies are soaring, birds are chirping. You enjoy the contemplation of nature. And suddenly something happens! The world around you is changing, the earth is slipping from under your feet. Everything turns and spins, you can’t understand what is going on. The bushes on the sides of the alley grow rapidly upward, the flowers swell and become huge multi-colored canopies, and the blades of grass turn into thick trees. And now you are standing not on a neat lawn, but in the midst of a real jungle filled with incomprehensible sounds and movements. This is your new world and you have to find your place here!

Since you have diminished, all the inhabitants of the park have become larger. Earlier, you could accidentally crush some bug by stepping on it with your foot. Now it is an armored monster, wading through the thicket like a tank and bending stems with its enormous weight. And it is no longer the bug who should flee from you, but you who should scuttle away! It is unlikely that you can enter into battle with this monster – the difference in size is too great. So run as fast as you can! Something like this will be your first steps in the new world. When you understand a little what’s happening, you can take measures to survive.

First of all, you need to look for food and water, without this you will simply die. It’s cold in the park at night and you have to find a warm place to sleep. Some insects are nocturnal and go hunting right when you prepare to take a nap, so make sure your shelter is well protected. You won’t notice the passage of time playing Grounded and will definitely learn a lot of new things in the process!