Granny 5: Time To Wake Up

Game description:

Granny 5: Time To Wake Up thrusts players into a tense survival scenario within the eerie confines of an abandoned hotel. You find yourself trapped in a nightmare, where every creak and shadow hides danger. The goal is simple yet daunting: survive and find a way to escape the clutches of the sinister Granny and her equally menacing daughter. These characters are hyper-aware of every sound, making stealth and strategy essential as you navigate through the hotel’s dark corridors and rooms.

Navigate Traps and Face the Unknown

In Granny 5: Time To Wake Up, players must be constantly vigilant, avoiding the numerous traps set throughout the hotel. Adding to the terror is Slendrina, lurking in the creepy cellar. Players must quickly look away to avoid her deadly gaze, adding a layer of reflexive challenge to the game. Each decision can mean life or death, requiring careful planning and quick thinking. The game’s immersive atmosphere and relentless tension create a gripping experience as you strive to outwit your relentless pursuers and escape the nightmare.