Granny Chapter Two

Game title: Granny Chapter Two
Game description:

Horror games with monster are all different. Some of them put you on the space station, where you have to kill the aliens that attack you. The others depict some post-apocalyptic stories where you find yourself on the planet flooded by someone like zombies or other hellish creatures that kill people with no mercy, eating their brains. In most the horror games like that, you have guns and bullets, so the monsters are not a problem for you (at least, until there are too many of them). You can shoot their heads of, see their limbs flying here and there, and finally find your way to the victory showing that a human being has overcame the filth once again. Even using a gun.

However, there are games that doesn’t leave you a chance to resist the horror. One of them is Granny. Here you will have to feel yourself frightened and deadly scared all the time. The problem is that Granny will follow you and yes, she will kill you the moment you appear in front of her eyes. However, the worst thing is that you cannot kill her. The first part of the game is similar to the second we have to present. You are going to stay one on one with Granny with no opportunity to deal with her anyhow. You can hide and run, but you cannot fight. Do your best to get away before she kills you. This is your only chance.