Granny Second Chapter

Game description:

You are welcome to test your nerves in one of the most popular survival-escape horrors of the last decade. We bet that even if you are an experienced horror-player, this game will make you feel really uncomfortable and frightened. First, let’s describe the setting in a couple of words. You are a poor guy, stuck inside of the house. The house is old, gloomy, and dark. You cannot get out of here and don’t know where to get the key. The house is pretty large and even though the key is somewhere inside, it is hard to find it – the rooms are numerous and you will have to walk around them for hours to get the desired key. However, you don’t really have an eternity to walk around the house – there are only five days at your disposal and your task is to find the key and get away before the time expires.
There is another serious problem with this house. It belongs to an old couple of crazy psychopaths. How do like the news like that? These are Granny, the one you already know from the first chapter of the game, and a new character – Grandpa. Now they will run after you together. Granny is more sensitive to your movements than Grandpa. She hears better, but Grandpa hits harder. So together they work as a perfect team. She will find you easily wherever you are and he will give you a strong stab if you won’t hide fast enough. There are places to hide in, so use every niche you can find and hide yourself faster than they will get you.