Genshin Impact

Game description:

All anime fans share one common dream – they are willing to appear in the world of their favorite series and become a character at least for a while. Watching anime is a great fun, but participating in fantastic adventures is fantastic. Now you have such an opportunity with Genshin Impact, an impressive game that features bright Japanese animation, open world, interesting plot, and numerous tasks to accomplish. The game will take you to a fairy-tale like journey that never ends. You will become a part of the impressive story and find your way to the desired aim.
The journey starts when you, the main character of this story, realize that your twin is missing. As you and your twin feel like one whole, you just cannot live without one another. The entire plot is based on your search of a missing sibling, but besides the main storyline and major task, there are numerous small quests, side missions, and mysteries to discover. You will make your way through the dark and dangerous dungeons, where numerous tasks are waiting for you. After you complete the tasks, the game rewards you with cool prizes and namely – stunning avatars. During the game, you will have an opportunity to switch your main avatar off and choose another one. The entire game is centered around the arch of twin searches – you will wander around the fantasy world, trying to get your sibling back. However, the open world around you is detailed and rich, so get ready for numerous side-missions and tasks to deal with. You will stay busy trying to tackle with puzzles and quests during the entire game process and we bet that you will never get bored.
If you have ever played a classical game The Legend of Zelda, we bet that you will find numerous things in common between these two. The comparison is unavoidable because Genshin and its universe was inspired by Zelda a lot. There is a common opinion that open-world titles, especially those that feature Japanese animation, are less diverse than they are expected to be. On the one hand, your territory is unlimited, on the other – locations and tasks are pretty much the same. Genshin Impact proves this myth wrong – this game is pretty rich and bright, so we bet that you will stay interested and engaged during the entire process of playing. This game is a real delight for all fans of active open-world titles and especially – those who like anime and manga. Enjoy the game for free on our resource – we have uploaded an unblocked version to play online. Have fun and dive into the world of fantasy!