Friday Night Funkin Poppy Playtime

Game description:

If you believe that life in the FNF universe has become routine and slow, you are entirely wrong! Just try a new mod in this musical series to see everything with your own eyes. Boyfriend and Girlfriend have already met a number of various opponents. But this time, somebody really thrilling awaits them in the music arena. It is a scary monster from Poppy Playtime who decided to compete with Boyfriend in a rap battle. Can you imagine this blue giant on the stage? But do not underestimate his musical talent. Despite his seeming clumsiness, Huggy Wuggy is very good at dancing. He is more than sure that his victory is a matter of time and he can’t wait till his shaggy paws hug the poor hero to death. You know well from the Poppy Playtime horror game that this insane toy is chasing his opponents until he can catch them and squeeze tight. Huggy Wuggy wears a treacherous grin on his face that can mislead anyone who has not heard anything about this beast. But this smile is ominous and is just a tool to trick those who are too trustful. So Boyfriend and Girlfriend are in trouble. And only can help them as in all previous mods. You know your main task is to dance better than your opponent, catching every single note of the music rhythm. For this, you must quickly but carefully press the arrow symbols on the screen. Try to avoid mistakes otherwise your progress bar will turn red and you will lose. You must fully synchronize with the music to get an advantage over this terrible enemy. There are different difficulty modes – start with the slowest version and once you succeed, try a faster option. The only chance to get rid of the scary monster is to outperform him in this music battle. So help Boyfriend to avoid the potential danger by defeating this opponent in a music fight.