Content Warning

Game description:

In the game Content Warning, players are thrust into an eerie world where fame is just a scream away. This cooperative horror game tasks players with the audacious goal of capturing the most spine-tingling footage in the Old World, an abandoned realm filled with nightmares come to life. Armed with a video camera and a penchant for the paranormal, teams dive into the depths using a diving bell, ready to confront the unknown. The game’s environment is a breeding ground for fear, populated by monsters that move with a disturbingly realistic physics engine and relics that bear the weight of curses long forgotten. As oxygen levels dwindle and the camera’s battery life fades, players must balance the pursuit of the next great shot with the primal urge to survive.

Ascending to Fame Through Fear

The return to the surface marks only the halfway point of the adventure. Once safe, the footage collected during the expedition is uploaded to SpöökTube, where it’s subjected to the court of public opinion. Players watch the view count tick upwards, hoping their encounters with the macabre will translate into viral success. The unique blend of horror and strategy propels players into a cycle of risk and reward, where the lure of fame and fortune tempts them back into the depths time and time again. With the ability to customize characters through an ASCII face customizer, engage in 2-4 player online co-op, and communicate via voice chat, Content Warning offers a uniquely communal horror experience. Players can enhance their equipment with the ad revenue earned from their SpöökTube exploits, gearing up for even more daring dives into the darkness. This game is a test of courage, camaraderie, and the unyielding desire to capture the unknown, all in the name of entertainment.