Fears To Fathom

Game description:

In Fears to Fathom, gripping horror and breathtaking suspense will chase you!


As the clock strikes midnight, the ordinary tranquility of a teenage boy’s evening takes a sinister turn. Miles, left home alone, encounters a sequence of frightening events. His parents are away for work, leaving him to navigate a seemingly routine night—until an eerie message from his concerned neighbor unravels a chilling reality.

Miles, just settling into a quiet evening, receives a text containing an ominous image from his mother. It’s a picture of a suspicious figure lurking near their property, setting the stage for a night veiled in dread! The situation escalates when he’s instructed to secure all entryways and await the arrival of law enforcement.

Crouched beneath his bed, his heart pounding in his ears, Miles witnesses the situation escalate further. The once-calm night shatters with the sound of shattering glass emanating from his parents’ room. What is in the shadows, and what happens next?

Fears to Fathom will provide unforgettable emotions! Is our hero going to be okay? Find out if this horror story will have a good ending, or will this horror project not change its standards after all.