Little Kitty Big City Press Kit

Game description:

In Little Kitty Big City, players find themselves in the paws of a charming little cat unexpectedly cast into the bustling life of a large urban landscape. After an unintentional nap transports them away from the comforts of home, players must decide whether to embark on a quest back to familiarity or succumb to the allure of city adventures. The game delicately balances the primary task of finding home with the enticing option of exploring vibrant city streets, interacting with other city-dwelling animals, and discovering every nook and cranny of this expansive world.

Choices and Charm in Urban Exploration

As the little kitty, players have the freedom to explore an open-world city environment that’s teeming with life and opportunities for mischief. Whether choosing to follow the storyline to find a way back home or getting sidetracked helping fellow animal citizens with their unique quests, every corner of the city offers new surprises and engagements. From sporting adorable hats as fashion statements to causing playful chaos, the game emphasizes a lighthearted, exploratory experience. Customization options allow players to personalize their kitty’s appearance while enjoying activities like basking in the sunshine or stirring up a little fun among the urban landscape, making every gameplay experience uniquely delightful.