Baby in Yellow: Black Cat

Game description:

Do you remember your thrilling adventures as a babysitter? You were to spend several days in a big and gloomy mansion, looking after a baby. That was a true nightmare as your ward turned out to be a monster! And you had to unveil a lot of creepy secrets about the family living here. And now you will again return to this place for a new challenge. Are you ready for new trials? Then let’s get started!

Enjoy a handful of cool updates!

The first new thing you will notice in the game is a black cat. After you follow it, you will find yourself in an absolutely new portal. Here, you will meet a new companion – and it is a robot! Together, you will have to repair and sort out everything around. The baby in yellow has prepared a lot of havoc for you to go through. The new location comes with tons of new traps. You will have to unlock numerous doors, find a lot of codes and complete many other tasks. It will be an endless mess and fun. Start now to find the clues to all the mysteries of this new chapter!