Baby in Yellow 3

Game description:

Here comes another part of terrifying story about The Baby in Yellow, a creepy child with huge eyes and strange behavior. As in the first part, you will find yourself in the house with a baby, a pretty unusual one. The game encourages you to look after a child, but you will always feel uncomfortable and scared around him. The problem is that this baby in a yellow pajama looks, feels, and behaves like no other child. His unnaturally large eyes and that evil gaze will make you thrilled. He is going to watch you and turn his head wherever you go. The child wants to know everything about you, just like he has some nasty plans against you or even against the entire humankind. The horror has a unique format that simulates a baby sitter simulator, only with some special elements…
The game will suggest the actions that you need to accomplish. You will see the instructions and requirements in the left part of the screen. In most cases, you will have click different areas of the screen to move around the rooms of a mansion and moving the camera. Whenever you see the object you would like to take, move, or interact in any other way, just click it. The game includes different items that will help you deal with baby-sitting tasks. The game offers numerous challenges and tasks to accomplish – the more you complete, the more facts about a strange kid you find out. His strange origin, supernatural abilities, and destructive ambitions will make your blood chill. However, whenever you wander around the house, make sure to keep an eye on the baby – he can attack you at any moment. It is really hard to survive in the house with Baby in Yellow, but you should uncover the mystery of this child and this will help you leave this cursed place. The faster you do that, the better! Save your life and mind and good luck in the opposition with pure evil embodied in a small child!