The Baby in Yellow 2

Game description:

Are you ready to work as a nanny? What if the child is not really a child? Baby in Yellow is a horror game in which you play as a young girl babysitting a strange kid. Everything seems normal at first. You fed the little one and changed his diaper. You are watching TV to pass the time – only to find that the child has made it to the parents’ bedroom. He cries continuously, but nothing seems to calm him down, so it looks like a long night awaits you.

The game starts with you inside the house. There is no one but you and the kid. This is a simple yet modern home – there are no photographs, notes, or objects to tell you who the child’s parents are. It remains only to look after the little one and make sure he is all right. On the left side of the screen, you will find the menu and instructions for the game.

The instructions are broken down in steps. For example, your first task is to feed the baby. Below are the points on where to get the bottle and how to give the milk to the little fellow. The only thing missing from the step list is that you can only carry one item at a time. This means that you will need to seat the baby in a chair before feeding him.

Dropping the kid will not cause any excitement, but hunger will. As the game progresses, the tasks will be constantly updated. Apart from calming the child, there are no points or rewards in the game. The babysitting routine goes on until the kid reveals his true identity… That’s where you finally understand this is not an ordinary part-time job and you weren’t very lucky to get it. But you can’t leave now, so you have to continue until you find out how the whole story ends. There are plenty of creepy moments and spooky surprises waiting for you in the process. Are you willing to see what happens in the end and unravel this disturbing mystery? Then start playing The Baby in Yellow 2 right now!