Among Us the Airship

Game description:

We know that all of you like the amazing social game Among Us. If you are waiting for the second part of this masterpiece and your hopes are already leaving you, then we have great news. This time, you are welcome to enjoy the map that was initially created for Among Us 2, so this is your chance to take a look at the game, which doesn’t exist yet! Great news – great map! And a huge pack of new opportunities, locations, and impressive ideas from the developers are waiting for you in Among Us: The Airship. Are you ready? Then start now!
This map is rich for new locations and you do have a chance to choose the one to begin with. The game gives you a few seconds to pick the room, but if you won’t do that, the choice will be made automatically. In addition to new rooms, there are also numerous stairs and advanced security measures to help you track the events on the board more carefully. Whether you are an impostor or a spaceman, you have access to them all and can use them freely. Also, the map includes a hospital, where the injured, dead, disconnected, excelled, or bygone players are. Their statuses are updated immediately. You can use these details to suggest a possible self-report. Next, you will find a system of ventilation here. The map includes twelve hatches – they are divided into four groups of three interconnected ones.
Also, the betrayers can sabotage three main systems of the ship, plus – they can close the doors. For example, the most dangerous sabotage is called Critical and astronauts need to deal with it pretty fast – they have only 90 seconds to do that. The astronauts need to enter the right codes pretty fast to stop the countdown. The codes are located around different areas and they change every ten seconds, while the general time is limited. For that reason, it is impossible to remove the breakage single-handedly. Still, the impostor can do that if he/she walks through the system of ventilation. However, this is not very likely to happen!
Another sort of a sabotage is a breakage of a communicational module. When an impostor activates it, the system of security stops working, while the list of tasks and their locations on the map also disappear. To remove this sabotage, the crew members need to find the right position of the levers – listen to the voice of the speaker and try to catch the instructions when the sound is not distorted. If you manage to do that, the red light will disappear and the systems will come back to work. Enjoy these and other cool features on the amazing map Among Us: The Airship!