Impostor Hide

Game description:

Impostor Hide is a new take on the popular game Among Us where you’ll be playing hide and seek on the famous spaceship. It’s going to be even more fascinating that the space detective story, cause now one part of the players will be hiding and the others need to find them. The action unfolds on the same rocket with plenty of locations that you can use as your hiding spots. Will you survive as a peaceful astronaut or finish off the rest of the crew as an evil impostor? The result of the match depends on your cunning and attentiveness!

The game will start just like the regular hide-and-seek. The Impostors will count to 15, and during this time the rest of the players need to spread around the ship and find a place to hide. Then the killers will go looking for them. While all this is happening, the ship will live its regular life. The crew members need to keep completing various tasks because the rocket needs to keep flying and otherwise its systems may go down. But at the same time, you need to be very careful and make sure you don’t give away your presence to the impostors who will be prowling the locations in search of their victims. They can also organize sabotages, just like in the original game, and the crew will have to deal with the consequences immediately.

The only thing that is different is that players can’t gather for emergency meetings because it’s too dangerous. The impostors can also track them down by traces they live in the blue paint that can be spilled over the floor. So if you are an astronaut, you need to avoid that paint and watch your step very carefully – you don’t want your footprints to lead the killer straight to you. There are many other subtleties and tricks you need to learn about Impostor Hide. But it’s better to do on your own while playing. So plunge into this amazing adventure right now and see if you can cope with your task which is to survive or to kill!