Among Us FNF

Game description:

Do you remember the Among Us game character? FNF has presented a new weekly mode, and bloodthirsty Impostor will become your main opponent here. But you will not need weapon to defeat him– you will need only the excellent rhythm feeling. The rules of the game remain the same – you must help the Boyfriend prove to the Girlfriend and her father that you deserve her heart. For this, you will participate in a number of exciting musical contests and show you can flawlessly follow the rhythm of new songs. In this mod, you will confront a really nasty character. Once you choose a story mode, you will have a chance to enjoy various scenes and dialogues in between musical tournaments. There will be three new songs to follow. Try to be very skilled to avoid even a single wrong step. Do not forger that Impostor is very at music. Watch for the bar on your screen to remain green. The very moment you make a mistake, it will turn red and you will lose. It is real fun to try catching the rhythm of unfamiliar musical compositions.
The game is also available in a free mode. Moreover, you can regulate the difficulty of the gameplay. Do not waste time – download the mod and beat up your opponent as you did many times before.