Kindergarten 3

Game description:

Kindergarten 3 catapults players into yet another bizarre Wednesday, this time in a new school where nothing is as it seems. Amidst the backdrop of missing students and staff, a new cast of characters emerges, each bringing their unique quirks to the fore. From a troublemaking youngster with a penchant for throwing objects to a sweet girl devoted to caring for the school’s plants, and a boy oddly fascinated by the school pond’s alligator, the environment is rife with mystery and mischief. The peculiar day is punctuated by a teacher who communicates solely through rhyme, adding a whimsical yet eerie tone to the unfolding drama.

Navigate New Challenges and Unravel Mysteries

In this installment, players are tasked with solving the riddle of the green goo and uncovering the fate of the missing principal while navigating a series of educational yet perilous adventures. The school itself is a puzzle, featuring areas like a goo-infested nurse’s office, a library detention for the unruly, and a playground that’s anything but ordinary. Each location offers unique challenges and opportunities for players to engage in unconventional activities—from assisting in theatrical productions to strategic encounters with the school’s wildlife. Kindergarten 3 blends elements of adventure, mystery, and surreal humor.