Forgotten Anne

Game description:

Forgotton Anne takes you to a realm where all the lost and forgotten things end up, from your left sock to that letter you never sent. This place, known as the Forgotten Lands, is not your typical fantasy world. It’s alive, thanks to the Forgotlings, creatures made from these misplaced items, each with their own personalities and stories. You play as Anne, an Enforcer tasked with keeping order in this chaotic world. Her journey is not just about solving the mysteries of the Forgotten Lands but also about discovering her own story and the deep connections she shares with this strange yet familiar world.

A Quest Filled with Choices and Challenges

What makes Forgotton Anne stand out is how it beautifully combines platforming with a deeply engaging narrative. As Anne, players navigate through beautifully hand-drawn environments that feel like stepping into an animated movie. The gameplay is smooth, with puzzles that challenge your brain and actions that test your reflexes. But it’s the choices you make that truly shape the journey. Every decision impacts the world around you and the Forgotlings you meet. Will you use your power to maintain order, or will you question the very rules you’ve been asked to enforce? Your actions determine the fate of the Forgotten Lands, making every playthrough a unique experience. This game is not just about getting from one point to another; it’s about the impact you leave on a world hanging in the balance.