Catnap and Dogday

Game description:

In Catnap and Dogday, the setting is far from the playful scene one might expect. The narrative takes us deep into the heart of the Playtime Co. factory, a place where toys are more than just objects for amusement. Here, each toy harbors its own tale, and DogDay, a once joyful toy dog with bright orange fur, finds himself amidst a grim saga. His backstory of resilience unfolds in a setting that’s anything but cheerful. Originally leading the Smiling Critters and actively involved in the Bigger Bodies Initiative, DogDay’s life spirals into darkness following a failed rebellion against a tyrannical ruler known as the Prototype. His journey turns into a lone battle for existence, standing up against CatNap, the enforcer of the Prototype’s oppressive regime.

A Harrowing Tale of Survival and Betrayal

As players delve into the game, they stumble upon DogDay in a dire state, imprisoned and on the brink of non-existence. This encounter reveals the depth of DogDay’s struggles; his vibrant fur and smile are replaced with the scars of his resistance, parts of him missing, portraying a chilling reminder of his fight. The narrative takes a darker twist when the Ruined Critters, former allies of DogDay, betray him in their quest for survival. They turn against him, consuming what’s left of his form to camouflage themselves, showcasing the game’s underlying theme of betrayal. In this world, alliances are fleeting, and survival extracts its price in the harshest ways imaginable, painting a stark picture of the reality faced by the inhabitants of the Playtime Co. factory.