Basics In Behavior

Game description:

In the interactive game Basics in Behavior, players are immersed in the role of Claire, a student trying to survive a particularly disruptive day at school. This game, an adaptation from the animated music video series Fundamental Paper Education, captures the essence of school life filled with challenges both from peers and unpredictable teachers. Set against a vibrant soundtrack by The Living Tombstone, the game intricately blends elements of adventure with a deeply narrative-driven approach, reflecting the trials Claire faces from bullies and the authority figures in her school.

Evade, Engage, and Outsmart

The gameplay in Basics in Behavior is a complex blend of stealth mechanics, dialogue choices, and environmental interaction, demanding both strategic thinking and quick reflexes from players. As Claire, gamers must navigate through a series of challenges that mirror scenes from the original music video—dodging projectiles like paper airplanes, engaging in quick dialogues to manage conflicts, and using stealth to avoid direct confrontations with the fearsome Miss Circle and other faculty members after unsettling incidents disrupt the school’s order.

Transformations and Moral Choices

A pivotal moment in the game arises when Claire, in her bid to escape the relentless chase of her teachers, inadvertently enters the forbidden Alice’s room. This moment triggers a dramatic shift in the game environment, transitioning from a 2D paper-style aesthetic to a full 3D setting, amplifying the intensity of the gameplay. Here, Claire must face off against Alice in a high-stakes encounter that tests all the skills players have cultivated throughout the game. The conclusion of Basics in Behavior hinges on critical choices around dealing with bullies and authoritarian figures, influencing not only the immediate safety of Claire but also the moral outcomes of the story. This endgame forces players to weigh their decisions against the backdrop of school dynamics and personal integrity.