Pico Park 2

Game description:

Imagine that you are stuck in the middle of a strange location with a key hanging right above you. But how to get there? In this difficult task, you will need the help of a friend. It’s good that in Pico Park 2 all puzzles are played together with other players, so you can always distribute the actions in the team that will lead to the desired result!

The game begins with the fact that all participants (there can be from 2 to 10) find themselves on one of the levels. The design is minimalistic, you will only see a crowd of multi-colored people (each player has their own color), the outlines of the landscape and objects with which you need to interact. There will be no special prompts, so you will have to get it all with your own mind. And, of course, by trial and error. The number of attempts is unlimited, no one will scold you for failure, and you can fail as much as you like.

There is a kind of fun in this – after all, it is so funny to watch how these motley short fellows jump and fuss, trying to get the coveted key. The tasks will change, some will be repeated, but with new elements and with an increased level of difficulty. The most difficult will be the last level, here you really have to strain your abilities as much as possible.

To achieve what they want, the players need to jump over each other’s heads, hit the balls with themselves, climb to great heights and hang over the abyss. They have to carry huge cubes, break bottles, jump on buttons and even die. But if someone dies alone, everyone will have to start over, so you need to be as careful as possible. You can only complete the level together, so you cannot rely only on your own agility and leave your lagging comrades behind. Test your reaction and wit in Pico Park 2, and most importantly – team skills!