The Amazing Digital Circus: Pilot

Game description:

Do not miss a debut of the exciting show where fun is never over – it is the Amazing Digital Circus! The story is something you have never met before – a comedy masterfully filled with black humor. The events unfold in the digital arena, a place run by AI-powered personage named Caine. It is a strange-looking creature with two moving jaws instead of the head. So, Caine with Bubble, his faithful assistant, meet welcome six humans in their space. But look, they can be hardly called humans – they look like some funny creatures. One thing is sure – they did not come here on their own. Some weird power has teleported them to this circus from their routine time, and, at the same time, their appearances have drastically transformed.

What will happen with them all?

Now, all these creatures have no other choice but interact. However, they do not know yet that Caine has prepared a lot of challenges for them. Some of them are really dangerous, and the personages may even get serious injuries. But none of them will die. Who are your characters? This is Pomni, a girl locked in a jester body. It’s Ragatha, an optimistic female. You will also meet Jax, a tireless pranker. Others are Kinger, Gangle, and Zooble, each representing a unique being – a white chess king, a theatrical tragedy mask, and a weird geometric shape. Will they cope with all the obstacles? This is what you are to discover in several episodes of this cool show.