Game description:

Imagine a virtual world where the laws of reality cease to exist, and absurdity is a priority! Picture this: a jaw-like AI, impeccably dressed, orchestrating bizarre contests to keep the inhabitants from succumbing to madness. And the girl who just got here doesn’t understand anything at all, and doesn’t even remember her name!

Meet the extraordinary inhabitants

Within this digital pandemonium reside a cast of characters as peculiar as the world they inhabit! There’s a cynical yet strangely charming rabbit, its beauty hidden in its repulsiveness. A chess piece, oddly resembling a king with bulging eyes, adds to the surreal atmosphere. Amidst this madness, there’s a benevolent doll, desperately clinging to optimism, trying to dispel the encroaching negativity.

Why does this circus exist? What’s the purpose behind these peculiar competitions? The audience is left baffled alongside our heroine, who navigates this bizarre universe. The circus’s vibrant animation, colorful characters, and dark humor combine to create an experience that defies explanation.

It’s a world where logic takes a backseat, replaced by sheer eccentricity. The innovative concept, enigmatic characters, and a plot veiled in mystery leave audiences captivated!