The Amazing Digital Circus

Game description:

This cool adventure will take you to a circus setting. But do not hope to see a traditional circus with all its attributes. This is a digital space with a special atmosphere and weird characters. These are six individuals that were mysteriously transported to this strange environment without their consent. What’s more, these characters find themselves undergoing a terrible transformation. They do not look humans any more. Instead, they received cartoonish bodies that look both funny and bizarre. There is no explanation of why they teleported here. However, one thing is now obvious – they must learn to live in an entirely new reality and somehow create a routine. In other words, they are captives here, with Caine as their sole master becoming the ringmaster!

It is a lot of insane interaction!

The heroes will engage with one another, though the nature of their interactions cannot be called friendly. Moreover, Caine will push them through perilous circus stunts that will bring severe injuries and psychological traumas. Will they survive. Even if their antagonist is not allowing them to escape, he will guard the personages from death. But it is going to be a hilarious experience – the toys will prank and irritate each other. Some of them will be desperate to find an exit, while others will try to adapt to this weird reality. What is the outcome for them all? This is what you are invited to find out.