That’s not my Neighbor Update

Game description:

The game That’s Not My Neighbor just received its significant update, designed to enrich user experience and expand gameplay features. For those who already own the game, this update is available for free, ensuring that all players have access to the latest enhancements without any additional purchase. Simply download the new file and overwrite the existing installation; this process is designed to be straightforward and does not affect saved game data. New players are encouraged to download the update immediately to enjoy the enhanced features from the start.

Strategic Enhancements and Accessibility Improvements

This update introduces the much-anticipated ‘nightmare mode’, a new setting that challenges even the most skilled players with its rigorous difficulty. This mode is set to test player limits with more complex scenarios and tougher objectives. The arcade mode has been fine-tuned to reduce its duration, making these sessions more concise and action-packed, which is perfect for quick gaming stints. Additionally, the update increases text speed throughout the game to facilitate a quicker progression, except during tutorials where a slower pace is maintained to aid player learning.

On the accessibility front, significant strides have been made. A new feature allows players to disable flashing lights, making the game safer and more comfortable for those with photosensitivity. The update also enhances features for players with trypophobia by modifying textures and visuals throughout the game to avoid triggering discomfort, ensuring a more inclusive environment for all players.