That’s not my Neighbor Demo

Game title: That’s not my Neighbor Demo
Game description:

Embark on a thrilling role as the gatekeeper of a seemingly ordinary building in the demo of That’s not my Neighbor, where everyday life is anything but normal. Set in the nostalgic yet unsettling year of 1955, you find yourself in the shoes of a doorman, a position that demands more than just polite greetings and managing entry logs. Your new reality is fraught with the challenge of identifying doppelgangers—sinister entities with the chilling ability to mimic humans—among those who seek entry to the premises. This demo thrusts you into a precarious balance of vigilance and suspicion, where every decision could mean the difference between safety and doom for both you and the unsuspecting inhabitants of the building.

How to Play: Mastering the Art of Detection

Navigating through That’s not my Neighbor requires a keen eye and a sharp mind. Here’s a breakdown of the essential controls and gameplay mechanics to guide you:

  • Movement and Interaction: Navigate your character using the arrow keys or WASD to move around the doorman’s booth and interact with incoming tenants.
  • Inspect and Compare: Click on tenants to inspect their IDs, comparing their information and appearance with any known attributes of doppelgangers.
  • Decision Making: Decide whether to allow entry or deny access based on your judgment. Incorrect decisions may have dire consequences.
  • Call for Help: Utilize a hotline to the Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D.) when in doubt, but use this sparingly as your calls are limited.
  • Observe Closely: Pay attention to subtle hints or behaviors that might reveal a tenant’s true nature.
  • Emergency Measures: Should you identify a doppelganger, quick actions can be taken to neutralize the threat, ensuring the safety of the building’s residents.

Each interaction is a puzzle, with the stakes immeasurably high. That’s not my Neighbor demo offers a glimpse into a world where trust is a luxury and your wits are your greatest ally. As you peel back the layers of this complex simulation, you’ll find yourself questioning every shadow and second-guessing every face, fully immersed in the unique challenge of protecting a community from the unseen.